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The Most Common Sports Injuries

Playing sports will bring you so many benefits. It will keep you physically fit, develop your memory, keep you fresh, enhance your sleep and so much more. But there are certain down effects of sports as well. This is the injuries that you will be facing for in the field. Regardless of how many protective gears and safe guards you have, you will still be facing for injuries. To understand the most common injuries sport players are facing for, continue reading.

Ankle sprain

This is a very common issue which occurs due to the constant running in some sports. Ankle sprains occurs when the foot is placed in an unnatural position, the twisting motion is directly applied to the place where the foot and the lower leg joins. This will stretch or even tear the ligaments that supports the ankle. Ankle sprains can be very painful. It will become an obstacle to carry out the daily activities.

ACL injury

This is considered to be a knee injury as it affects the anterior cruciate ligament. This is one of the major ligaments present in the knee. During sports like basketball, netball, hockey, skiing, tennis and more where the player/players suddenly stop or change directions and jump this injury can occur. When it does many tend to hear a “pop” sound. The knee will swell or the injury will cause so much pain. ACL injury can vary from mild ones to sever ones. If you were to get a serious damage, you will have to go to a sports surgeon Sydney for some critical medical treatments.

Groin pull

A groin pull occurs in the muscles un groins or thighs. When you use your muscles too much or forcefully in this area exceeding the potential they can tear or get too stretched. This will, of course, cause pain. Sports which requires running or jumping or changing direction can cause this issue. You may need to go through certain tests like x-rays or MRI scans. This will be recommended by your doctor or cetified ACL reconstruction surgeon.

Shin Splits

This isn’t specifically caused due to the nature of the sports. But due to the manner you play it or prepare for it. Shin splits is caused in the shinbone and the connective tissues. If you tend to stress them out too much this can occur. Flat feet, not warming up or warming down properly, not using proper shoes are common reasons why this can occur.